About Daniel

Daniel Larsen is one of Norway’s best magicians and illusionists.

He has worked as a professional artist for over two decades – and with over 1,000 performances over the last five years he is the most productive magician in the country. Daniels trademark is quality and good contact with the audience. His show is characterized by humor, excitement and magic that spellbound audience. Daniel has made several television appearances and has been on several of the greatest stage in both home and abroad, in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England, Scotland, Afghanistan and the United States. He has, as the only magician in the world, entertained in the birthday of rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis in Memphis Tennessee, he has entertained the royal court and he has toured in Afghanistan where he entertained peacekeepers worldwide. His reference list is as long and exciting as his repertoire – and the common denominator is SUCCESS!


Why not transform corporate event or Christmas party into a magical experience Your employees and customers will not forget? Make an impact with a show that surpasses everyone’s expectations. Insert slots with magical experiences from a magician who is always able to renew itself and adapt their show to the audience that awaits him. Daniel engages its audience and let them be involved in the magic that happens onstage and out in the hall.

Magisk Julebord

Bookingen er i full gang og 2 helger er allerede fullbooket….

Gjør Deres julebord arrangement om til en magisk aften.

Daniel Larsen som er en av Norges absolutte beste og mest arbeidende magiker igjennom 25 år,

han tar Dere med inn i sin verden av magi, Spenning og humor,

Daniel Samarbeider med flere artister og kan skreddersy den perfekte kveld for dere…

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Kids- and familyshow

Danielsen child- and family show is packed with humor and surprises. He gets the kids to yell, scream and laugh with enthusiasm … until they become dumb with amazement at the magic that unfolds on stage in front of them. His trademark is the strong contact he achieves with the kids. “The contact with children is quite unique” – Children Educational Association Daniel has several types of children’s shows, from magic shows, balloon shows the balloon and magic school. In over twenty years, Daniel has performed with his family show´s at most of the hotels in the biggest ski resort´s in Norway, and besides having his show in some of the biggest family them park, he has over ten years had responsibility for children entertainment at Color Line ferry between Norway and Sweden.


Daniel’s show is seen worldwide. Below you can see some of the highlights, and what other famous enterprises have experienced him up close.

Daniel has performed parts of his show in the birthday of Rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis in Memphis Tennessee USA.
Performed during the annual christmas party at the Royal Court
On tour in Afghanistan where he entertained peacekeepers worldwide.


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Daniel Larsen
Bøbakken 17c
3242 Sandefjord
Mobil : +47 90 87 42 61
E-mail : Daniel@magicofnorway.com